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November 12, 2010



I am glad you posted this. I am preparing to adopt a guinea and was thinking an aquarium was a good option to keep the bedding inside. I'm so glad I read this first.


huh. i haven't seen that sign anywhere here.
i was happy to see that a local petstore closed down- this store at one point had at least 6 guinea pigs of varrying ages (and genders?) in one cage- and while it wasn't a glass aquarium, it was one of those tiny 'guinea pig cages' pet stores always sell. those pigs were going crazy with each other. also, they had no house to hide in.

Our very first guinea pig (20 years ago) was kept in a glass aquarium her whole life. we didn't know any better. she also never had any hay, and just had the occasional carrot and was kept on pine bedding.
suprisingly, she lived to the age of 7. crazy

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