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April 20, 2011



My guinea pigs refuse to eat the junk, they only like real fruits and veggies. It's good for them, but it gets frustrating when my friends go out of their way to buy them those yogurt drops, only to see my piggies reject them.


Duly noted. You'll observe that the paragraph has been removed.

I guess everyone falls into the junk food trap at some point...with themselves, with their kids, with their furkids. While you're sharing with your guinea-pig-owning friends, I'll be sharing with my ferret-owning friends!

Thanks for dropping in!


Hi Anne:
And it's so hard to dole out tough pig love when they're displaying high-wattage cuteness in order to scam a snack! Maybe you can even it out by promising to give up one junk food snack of yours when you take away their yogurt drops?

Thanks for dropping in!

Lindsay F

I did not know that about the extra calcium. I will have to pass this on to my friends with Guineas. However ferrets can not eat these treats either. They are strict carnivores and excess sugar (and carbs) in their diet can lead to insulinoma later in life.


i admit- my pigs are hooked on the yogurt drop (it's like Crack!)
but! they only get one drop a day- in the morning.
and actually- they'll take any sort of bite sized treat in the morning- so if i run out of drops, i just give them each half a baby carrot.
Otherwise the drop doesn't interfere with their regular diet- they nom their pellets and hay (we're on orchard grass right now) and devour evening veggies

but obviously there's no reason for me to keep buying these, so i guess it's time for some tough pig love

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