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May 04, 2006



Aimee, your description of the two boys is a riot. I'm glad that PJ is doing well and that everyone is happy.

Aimee, PJ and Swingley

We are doing very well after adopting PJ earlier in the year from your great rescue. Swingley and PJ have to still be separated in their big cage from time to time because they both want to be top pig. Still, PJ has become a great gymnast (and I guess masochist) because he loves to hoist himself over his partition into Swingley's part of the cage, only to be chased and tussled by him. Luckily, Swingley tires quickly and is definitely no climber so PJ can go back to his side when he's had enough. It's pretty funny to watch. Their current favorite treat is a little triangle slice of orange. Hope to send a donation soon, just got hit with a big excise tax for my new car. Will visit again!

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