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June 23, 2006



Tammy, I like what you say about "being in the moment." Guinea pigs are such great teachers of this concept to us humans. Our pigs never think, "Boy, running around on the floor was more fun last time than it is this time," or, "I sure hope they bring us better food tomorrow than they did today." When it's naptime, they don't think, "Let me throw in one more load of laundry and then I can relax." They just relax! I'm not saying we shouldn't do the laundry -- but we can learn to relax mentally even while we're working. Guinea pigs have so much to teach us!


It sure sounds like Pingo and Tory found a great home...the kind that we all wish more animals could find. Their humans sound like they know how to really spend time with animals, watching them play together, how their personalities come out with each other and their owners, really just being in the moment. Thanks for sharing a great story, and keep 'em coming!

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