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July 20, 2006


Aimee, PJ and Swingley

Happy they were found by someone who gave a darn. Still makes me cry that people can be so cruel. Thank you for telling their story.


Treating creatures like objects. That's evil to me. And utterly lacking in imagination. With a minute of thought, the previous owners of those piggies could have safely shared their unwanted pets with others who do want them. How about using a little imagination. Can you picture a small kid with a happy face, holding her new piggy? Then you can make it come true. Make someone else happy. Share what you don't want or need anymore with others.


I just don't understand why people would drop pets in the woods or by the side of the road when it's so easy to drop them at the local Humane Society. They do such a great job of taking care of pets and finding them homes. There's no need for cruelty. That's where we adopted our darling guinea pig Patch (R.I.P.) years ago -- it's sort of a match.com for pets and owners!

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