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August 15, 2006



Ella--Thanks so much for taking the time to drop me a note and tell me that I was able to help your guinea pigs and you. It means a lot to me!

I hope your pigs are doing better and that all their hair has grown back in.


I am omly 10 but i take care of my pets and so i gave my mom money to go buy gingepig bedding and food for them and ever since we have been useing that ceader bedding stuff they stared loseing hair so i ask my mom why are they loseing hair and she did not know so i read the title on this and i got up in a hurry and change them and went and got new bedding and the company that sold it to us said oh this is great for all small animals and so my mom bought it and now they started loseing hair so it is very good that you post this stuff up on the internet so thank you


I use red pine bedding 2 x time . And Now my rabbit is sick . What happen? She fell down and she one half and one side didnt want to work , like she fell to one side of her body. Can anybody tell cause that. Email me .


Most of what I've found online and in books, and been told by vets, is that cedar is a no-no for any small animals. I had one vet tell me that she didn't even like to see cedar used in dog beds.

We probably could do a petition -- perhaps an electronic petition -- to send to the state house.

I'd also like to see a law that mandates pet stores to separate the male and female animals in stores to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Many of the rescues do receive baby animals that owners acquired because they didn't know that the female pet they brought home was pregnant when she left the store.


It just occurred to me to wonder - is there ANY type of small animal (rabbit, gerbil, hamster, mouse, rat, ferret, etc.) that does well with cedar bedding? I suspect most if not all of them experience discomfort if not illness. If that is the case, can we find a CT state legislator who would be willing to write some kind of bill outlawing the sale of cedar bedding in pet & supply stores?

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