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October 29, 2006



I've found that the Sweet Meadow Farm hay available in brick-and-mortar stores (specifically Dave's Soda and Pet City [yes, you read that correctly--pet supplies, a few pets, and cases of soda], in western Mass) usually looks brown and dried-out, even when it's from a new shipment. It's the best option out of many worse ones (Kaytee, how I despise you) but it's still not great. At this point I'm going to call up some local farms and buy a half-bale if possible. This area is hippie enough that I should be able to source locally-grown organic timothy hay.


I am surprised at your comments about Sweet Meadow Farm. Your experiences do not mirror my own personal purchasing experiences with them. I've checked around in recent days with some bunny-owning acquaintances and they've said that Sweet Meadow Farm (in general) and Al (in particular) have always been professional. I'm NOT discounting the fact that you've had a bad experience...simply saying that it surprises me.

I've encountered few (small) retailers who refund the shipping charges of the initial shipment -- especially freight shipping charges. Pay the costs of shipping an item back to a retailer -- yes. Shipped a replacement or exchanged or upgraded item at no cost to me -- yes.

The BIG retailers, like QVC and LL Bean, I think I recall them refunding initial shipping charges.


Sweet Meadow Farms is the WORST place to get hay! Yes, worse than Petco.

I bought hay from them online. $16.99 for the hay, and nearly $30 for shipping. Sounds like an okay price for 25 lbs, right? Well, if you like dusty, moldy hay, step right on up! My rabbit won't touch the garbage I purchased from this company!!! I have bought from other companies (including Oxbow and American Pet Diner, as well as the local "big boys" (PetsMart and Petco)). Never have I seen hay this thin, dirty and disgusting. Even Kaytee is better than this junk!

The man (al) is very unprofessional. He boasts on his site that "If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will gladly issue a replacement or refund." Yet that refund did not include the most expensive portion, the shipping! What a ripoff! I have 25 lbs of worthless "hay" to junk, and I have to pay $30 for the privilege of that?



Mother Nature controls the type of hay we are able to purchase in the stores. The quality of each crop depends so much on the weather.

One thing I learned along time ago is to always smell the hay first. If it smells moldy, musty, or too dusty, do not feed it. If it smells good enough for you to eat then your critters are going to love it.

I also learned a hard lesson on the "stalky hay" vs. the "leafier hay". One of my pet piggies got the famous cut in the mouth which quickly abcessed and then he required extensive surgery. Fortunately he is doing fine now. So, I would strongly advise to stay away from hay that has to much stalk and stick with a reputable supplier.

The second cut hays from several suppliers such as American Pet Diner, Oxbow, or Kleenmama's Hay are excellent. They have some stalk but much more leaf.

The best hay you can possibly get is the third cut. This is what we primarily feed the rescue pigs and they love it. I use Kleenmama's Hay, www.lindashayloft.com for all the rescue pigs. The shipping is expensive because it comes from Washington State but it is well worth it.

Hope you find this information helpful.

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