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October 31, 2006



Hi...I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to add another reason why these balls are TERRIBLE for pigs...simply put, guinea pig spines are not made to bend backwards! Especially in a smaller ball, the circular angle will cause spinal damage to your pig. PLEASE never put your piggie in a ball!! - Mom of 9 pigs


If there truly is no bullying going on between them, the next most likely cause is hormones. They are at "that age" when hormones could still be such a persistent issue. Neutering both males will, in all likelihood, simmer both of them down.

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Angela Kosmatka

I recently took over ownership of 2 male G.P.s, they came from different homes. I got Squeakers who is over a year old (not sure how much)and weighs 2 1/4 pounds about 3 months ago from someone who kept him outside. Then I received Lennon who is less than a year from a private residence who kept him in a rabbit cage. I did let them live side by side in thier cages for a week before letting them meet on the couch, on which neither had been before. Well, it has been about a month and they get along very well in their new c&c cage that I built for them. The only issue we are having is that they keep trying to mount each other. I thought that this was just determining who is the "alpha", but it has been about a month and the still mount each other. Why are they still doing this? Is there any way to make them stop besides separating them?? There is no fighting, teeth chattering, none of that stuff, so I know that they are okay, but it really bothers us(humans), and is very embarrasing when company sees them acting this way. Do I have a couple of gay guineas??? Please help.


heyyy, I have one guinea pig, & I feel as if he's lonly. I don't have many toys, but i know he LOVES to eat & go outside. He cries alot. Does he want attention? food? a playmate? We had one other one but they fought so they can't play.. Any ideas?

Cara Fletcher

Toys are my favorite pet supplies and I have hundreds of them at home but after I read this article I realised some of them are dangerous for my pets.


One "cheap toy" I give my pigs is a plain old paper bag with some hay stuffed in it. The square-bottomed bag that a liquor store gives you when you buy a six pack of beer is perfect-- big enough to turn around in and sturdy enough to last more than a day. Toss a couple of handfuls of hay in and you've got a piggy cave/toy that my pigs love to rattle around in and chew on.


Some guinea pigs like toys and will regularly play with them. Others won't. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell which category your guinea pigs fall into until you've spent a few bucks on toys.

Your best place to start is to buy tunnels and other safe things they can crawl through or under. Guinea pigs' natural instinct is to tunnel and hide, so toys that accommodate this instinct will always go over well.

You can buy Chubes (which are chew-safe tunnels large enough for guinea pigs). Some tunnels made for ferrets are suitable for guinea pigs for a short time...but eventually guinea pigs' bodies get too wide for these. PVC pipe, found at home improvement and hardware stores, also works well.

For more information, check out our "How To Spoil Your Guinea Pig" page at www.squidoo.com/guineapigconnection. We list a number of great options for tunnel-and-hide toys.


hi i am getting 2 guinea pigs from a rescue centre, they are about 1 and a half but im not sure whether they will accept all the toys im buying because they have never had things like that before. Will they accept then or will it be a waste of money?

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