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March 30, 2007



Im concittering buying one of these beds for my guinea pig, but she is, 1.) addicted to her pigloo 2.) not very... full of energy, she likes to do what every i dont want her to do, from getting out of her stupid pink pigloo, to make happy noises, so i doubt he would use this. Is that true?


Whitney: its cat, i have a suggestion or a question for a new type of cozy sak or cozy cup why not try and make it waterproof,that way if they "go" in it you wont need to clean it so much, or you could get a type of safe but sented material that you could use that way if they "go" it wont smell like you know what it will smell like lets say....pinecones or something like that.


I have a guinea pig like that (she's close to 3 pounds) and she fits into one of these. She doesn't have a lot of extra room, but she does have room to move around a bit.

As for crawling into the sack in the cage, it's up to the individual pig. My big girl likes her sacks on my lap and in her play areas, but in her cage, when given a choice, she always goes for the cozy cup. By contrast, her buddy will choose a sack above anything else.



can a adult guinea pig who looks like she weighs 4 pounds (LOL)fit into eone of them and will they get in by themselves if you put in in there cage?


I have several pigs who are about 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 pounds, and they fit into these. On a cool day, this is their favorite place to be.


Ash--It's never too late to comment! Thanks for stopping by.

They are wonderful, aren't they? I'm so glad to hear that other folks (and pigs) are falling in love with her saks and cups.

One of my pigs is not fond of lying ON any cozy cups (she prefers tunneling). So she works to tip over the cup so she can lie UNDER it.


would they be big enough for a fully grown guinea pig??????????


I know it's a little late, but these beds are awesome! I recently ordered 1 cup and 1 sak and I just loved them so much that I put in an order for 6 cups and got the 7th free! Then again, I've got 7 piggies, so large quantities of anything are imperative around here. Now I'm addicted to her website and I fear that I cannot stop shopping...


Last fall I purchased a cuddle cup and some other "furniture" like igloos and hidey houses for my pigs to enjoy and while they love the pigloos and will use the wooden hidey house they will not use the cuddle bed which I purchased locally in a petstore at all! I must try one of these suddle saks or one of the special cavy cups maybe they are holding out for a pig specific bed!

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