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March 06, 2007



Thank you so much for answering my question. I got a nice sized cage for her and will have her in it ASAP. She is far too young to be pregnant, so hopefully she isn't. By the way, about how old are male guinea pigs when they start mating?




Oh dear. This is no good. This is no good at all. You're on the brink of a situation that is going to cause the time and costs of guinea pig care to skyrocket for you.

I implore you to separate the female from the boys *immediately* -- either buy a second cage, or ask a rescue to take her in for you.

I also implore you to read my post at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2010/10/guinea-pig-colonies-no-unneutered-males-with-unspayed-females.html. That blog post will fill in additional details to what I'm about to say here.

There is *no way* that this a happy or healthy living situation for that girl.

--If the boys aren't neutered, you're looking at repeat pregnancies for her, which become increasingly dangerous to her life and the lives of each subsequent litter.
--Even *if* the boys are (or were to be) neutered, this female is still facing a life of harassment as the boys compete to mount her for sex. (Neutering stops their ability to get females pregnant, but it does NOT kill their sex drive.)

You also -- by putting the female in with them and sparking competition over her -- ruin what I can only assume from your comment has, up until now, been a harmonious bond between the boys.

The sad thing is: it's not outside the realm of possibility that this female is already pregnant from her first day with this pair of boys. The boys would have wasted little time in trying to mount her -- and it only takes one successful mount for a girl to get pregnant.

For her safety, and that of any babies that are conceived, the girl must be removed from that cage *now*. If you really want a trio of pigs, work with a rescue to find a third male that will fit with the bonded pair you have.

I must emphasize again. This is a depressing, highly stressful, and cruel situation for the female. Please be merciful and don't prolong it for her. I have no reason to believe you went into this with anything but the best of intentions -- but now I'm asking you to channel those intentions in a different direction, one that's in her best interests.


Hi, I have 2 male guinea pigs and they stay in the same cage all the time. Today, I got a female and put her in the same cage as the others. (since I don't have another cage) What should I do to keep them from hurting each other?



Dear Laura, Abby, Ashlyn & Molly:

The whole "male guinea pigs can't live together" concept as a categorical rule is a MYTH. They don't have a higher incidence rate of fighting than females, and anyone who says otherwise is just perpetuating another variation of the "male guinea pigs can't live together" myth.

It all comes down to personality, just like with humans. We've had in the rescue many successfully matched, closely bonded pairs, trios, and quads of males.

It comes down to finding the right match, and not mishandling the initial introductions. Working with a rescue, where handlers know the personalities of their pigs very well, and sharing information about your pig's temperament can increase your chances of a good match.

You can find good instructions for introductions and integrations on Cavy Spirit (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm). Some rescues will also help you make the introductions.

Good luck!


Hi, I have a 6 month old male guinea pig and I have really wanted to get him a companion as he seems so lonely sometimes. He's really sweet and calm, but I wonder if it is ok to add another male? I don't want them to fight or have to separate them. I'm not sure if I should get a girl guinea pig instead because then I would have to neuter him and I don't want him to go through that. Any suggestions?

Abby Fitzpatrick

Hello, I have 1 male guinea-pig, named Samosa, and I was wondering if it's a good idea to buy another male for him t live with? I've heard they fight but I think Samosa has a gentle soul. Advice?


I have an un-neutered male Guinea pig, Marty, that I bought at Petco about a year ago. When I bought him, the Petco associate told us he was probably four to six months old, so we guess he's about a year and a half old now. He is fairly neutral towards people, he's not always affectionate but he's never bitten anyone or been uncomfortable when being pet or held. I'm not home during the day six days a week and I know he must get very lonely, so we have been considering buying or adopting another baby male Guinea pig so he can have someone to play with all day. Do you think this is a good idea? Would it make the two pigs less friendly towards people? How should I go about introducing them? Thank you so much!!

Molly Moo

I ahve looked up on varys of differant websites and they say that 2 male guinea pigs fight.... :/ but i dont know whether that is true?? can someone help please!!! Molly xxx


i am really desperate and don't know what to do... I have 10 months old male guinea pig Emil, i have him since he was a baby. But recently i noticed he wasn't happy any more, he used to be really active but now he spend almost whole day sleeping or lying down.. So i thought maybe really big cage will make him happier, so i got for him huge cage. But nothing changed for better. Then i thought maybe some other than mine company could cheer him up. So i bought 3 months old male guinea pig ( i didn't want to buy female as i don't want to end up with big family of guinea pigs right now ) But it's such a disaster. Everytime i try to keep them together, Emil tries to do sex with the baby male guinea pig. And when i keep them separate in different cages then Emil is trying to bite and destroy his cage, make noises similar to cry and scream. I can't watch either of these two situations. Please tell me what to do with them because i can't find any solution!! Thank you.



We have two male guinea pigs which we had to have neutered as they were fighting . As they as neutered we thought it would be ok to introduce two females into their cage. Unfortunately it didn't go that smoothly! They two boys tried to mate with the girls and were then sparring with each other. Is this likely to settle after some time together? Is there anything we can do make introductions go smoothly or will we have keep them apart? Thanks


It's not a question of "if the younger male breeds with the older female." The male WILL breed with BOTH females. BOTH females will have litters, and you'll have more guinea pigs than you'll know what to do with. If you don't separate the first male -- and all the males in the two litters -- from all the females, you'll have even more breeding and more litters...and will be overwhelmed by the care and expense required for them all.

Please do yourself a favor -- and please do right by those first two females -- and get the male neutered before you put him in with any females.

The simpler thing to do would be to only get females.

Rescues are full of guinea pigs who came from accidental litters that resulted from folks not knowing what sex their guinea pigs were, or folks thinking males were too old or too young to mate, or folks thinking females were too old or too young to get pregnant. Given our high occupancy rates, I think you can understand why we take such a firm stand in trying to avoid more accidental litters.

You can read more important breeding facts at http://www.guinealynx.info/breeding.html.

Thanks for dropping by.


we have an older female Guinea pig, and we are planning on getting a younger male and female, but what if the younger male breeds with the older female. what will happen??
please give me some information!
xx laura xx


Yours is not an uncommon situation.

I posted my answer to your question here on the blog at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2011/04/older-pig-younger-pig-when-a-good-pair-falls-apart.html.

Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!


Hi Ariana:

The success (or failure) of any match always comes down to the personalities involved -- do they like each other or not? If they fundamentally can't stand each other, there's nothing you can do about it.

However, you can manage the introduction process to give them the best possible chance of getting to know each other. Check out our post "Myth #3: No Introductions Needed" -- and the articles we link to -- at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2007/03/myth_3_no_intro.html.

Good luck, and thanks for stopping in!


Hi Scott:
You asked a good question. You can find my answer here on the blog at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2011/04/post-operative-precautions-in-a-guinea-pig-colony.html.

Thanks for stopping by!

Diana Rodrigues

Hi I have a problem that Im trying to understand. I have two male guinea pigs. Its father and son and they have lived together since the son was born. Kiko (the father) is around 2 years old while Ringo (the son) is'nt one yet. They have lived together with no problems. Lately they have become very strange, chattering their teeth at one another, Ringo chaces Kiko around the cage and throws himself at Kiko. Kiko on the other have has become very scared and hides where ever he can. He has been tired and sleepy most of the time, while before he was very active and generally good humoured. Im not sure whats going on. Does any one know whats going on? Ive seperated them because im scared that when im not there something bad will happen and I cant help them.


I have a male guniea pig named Willber and i am planning on adopting another. Is it safe to put them together since they didn't grow up together and if so how should I introduce them to each other?


Hi, i have three male Guinea Pigs, they all seem to get along well. The oldest is the more dominant one. We have a huge pen with lots of room to run and huts, tunnels lots of places to hide. We use fleece so we don't have to worry about newspaper or a lot of shavings. My older Male has Cancer and has to have surgery. The Dr says there is a 90% chance of getting it all. My question is, i want to know how long i can keep him separate from the others before they might try to re-herd themselves. The Dr tells me he needs to be alone after surgery but for how long? I don't question their ability to do surgery, but i think i know my animals behavior pretty well. I think the sooner the better. The other two don't really bother him any way. What is a good but minimal time frame to put him back?


Personality affects the success or failure of a match more than age. What you need to consider is Harry's patience level with the rambunctiousness of Dougal. As a young pig, Dougal will have lots of energy, hormones, and perhaps a desire to be alpha pig in the cage. Harry is elderly and may be more inclined to take a good long nap in the afternoon than to play. This could lead to friction.

Then again, some youthful company might boost Harry's spirit in his golden years. Only time will tell.

What you must do, though, is give them time to get used to each other. I urge you to keep them in side-by-side cages (or side-by-side partitions in a very large C&C cage) to give them time to get used to each other. If Harry's been an only pig since he left his mother's litter, suddenly having company is going to be an adjustment for him.

When you think they're ready to be introduced on neutral territory, Cavy Spirit has good directions for introductions at http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm.


Hello! Harry is my short haired guinea pig and he is the most placid and sweetest boy ever.. He's about 6 years old so he's getting old. I'm getting a long haired guinea pig on monday who's a boy called dougal. Dougal's 6 months old and I would love to introduce them as harry's been on his own his whole life.. I do hope to keep them in the same cage so they can keep eachother company. Do you recommend this as they are both males and the massive age difference?

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