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March 06, 2007



It's likely there's some bullying going on in your pair, though it hasn't escalated yet.

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hi, so i have two male guinea pigs, we bought them together at the pet store, things are going ok but im starting to become conserned because snikers keeps growling at oreo, and the hair on the back of his neck stands up, but then other times they will be cuddling in there house together without any problems, im scared that snikers might try and bite oreo, and i dont know if its becasue they are trying to establish dominance, cause there has been no mounting, please help me, im not sure what to do!

Oh p.s
I have never had guinea pigs before this


Hi Genna:
You'll absolutely want to take the introductions slowly and not try to get it accomplished in a day. You'll also want to make sure you stick close (calm monitoring...not palpably nervous hovering), because you want to be able to dive in if two start ganging up on one.

There's mixed opinions published on reputable sites about bathing the pigs before introductions. Some experienced guinea pig handlers swear by it, and others think it "pre-stresses" the pigs. In the interest of fair disclosure, I fall into the latter category -- but I also won't say the other group is categorically wrong. Different strokes for different folks, you know?

When I've done introductions, I lightly rubbed my hands with something hypoallergenic, as natural as possible, and very lightly scented, and then gently run my hands over all the pigs...making them all "smell the same." I've used vanilla extract, lightly scented goat's milk lotion (Dionis is good) and Burt's Bees baby lotion. It's basically achieving the same same-scent effect as a bath, without all the water and blow-drying.

Cavy Spirit has good directions for introductions (including adding a 3rd guinea pig to an existing pair) at http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm.

I hope all this helps. Good luck with your endeavor, and thanks for stopping in!

Genna Cottrell

Hi, I want to introduce a third male guinea pig to a pair that i already have. Is it best to do this gradually and allow them to spend time together everyday before putting them in the same cage, or is it best to do this over one day? Also is is best to bathe them first and if so individually or together?



I was really worried about my guinea pigs... they're siblings and do not have the same gender. I kept them in different cages but still close with each other to keep them companied...these days, I became too busy and I wish to let my friend adopt the female so they'll be separated and alone for quite a while...


Hello, My name is Brittney.

I plan on getting another male guinea pig for my guinea pig Ozzy, He's about 3-4 years old. He's very nice, And loves to run around. I have tried putting Ozzy with a female, which Ozzy was really nice, sniffing her, and trying to cuddle up to her, but the female did not like him and tried biting him, and when I took Ozzy away, he started sounding like he was crying. I can see that Ozzy is nice around other guinea pigs ( atleast females), he did not show any agression what so ever to her ! He wasnt even chatting his teeth! Will he be nice with a male? Like he was with the female? Also, Should I try pairing him with someone around his age or younger? I've heard that if people put a younger guinea pig in with a older one that they sometimes take on the father role. Any advice?


This really doesn't sound like a healthy roommate situation, least of all for Gizmo.

It's tiresome for any member of any species to be around someone who constantly asserts that they want to be the "alpha" of the pack. We humans can walk away and limit interaction with someone, or avoid them altogether. Our animals count on us to step in on their behalf.

I wrote another post called "Will My Male Guinea Pigs Ever Bond?" (http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2010/03/index.html). You might find some insight into their relationship there, but the short version is that Caspar is a VERY dominant boy and Gizmo really needs a break.

Please let us know what you do. Thanks for stopping by!



Hi! :]
I have two male guinea pigs. I've tried making them socialize, but Casper always growls at him, then bites his privates, and then goes on top of him and i think tries to bite his back. The other guinea pig (Gizmo) just walks around and takes it xD. I've tried socializing them twice now and it's always the same thing. What can i do?


Your plight with guinea pigs who were incorrectly sexed at a pet store is (sadly) more common than guinea pig rescues are happy about. In fact, I hear from at least one owner a week with the same question you're asking me.

For that reason, I'm answering the question in a new post that you can find at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2010/10/guinea-pig-colonies-no-unneutered-males-with-unspayed-females.html


i have 4 guinea pigs,n when we bought them, the shopkeeper told us they're all female. n they were all doing fine too. now of late they've started fighting, we ,well took a better look, n found that 3 of them were male. but the fighting happens only once in a while,n nobody's getting hurt anymore,but i'm afraid that one of them will. also, because, if one male tried to mount a female, the other males stop him, the female isn't haing to handle much. n somehow they all seem to be doing fine. when noone's in the room i keep the female inside the cage(the rest play around in the pen) or the horny guy gets the cage. should i still be separating them, coz i really don't want to. :( they've been fine for this long!!


Hey Zoe:

It really comes down to the personalities of the pigs involved. As with people, you don't really know how personalities will mesh until you put them together.

With just a few months between each one's arrival in your home, I wouldn't expect your boy to get so territorial in such a short amount of time, but you just never know.

When you do bring a new guinea pig home, you do need to do introductions carefully, lest you'll rile up the current resident. Check out our post "Myth #3: No Introductions Needed" -- and the articles we link to -- at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2007/03/myth_3_no_intro.html.

Good luck!


is it ok if i get one boar and then a few months later i get another boar or would the first one be dominent? I dont want my piggy to be lonely! Please give me advice!

zoe x


Hi, I have a guinea pig named Herman, and I was wonering if he will be okay alone. Will he die quicker being alone in his cage, or should I get a bigger cage to put another in? Also, would it be okay for me to put a male in with him if I do get another? I don't want any little baby Hermans.... Please help me


Hoprfully someone sees this....I have 2 boars that I bought together at the pet store. They were babies together in the same cage and got along great for a while. 1 1/2 years ago I would hear squealing and teeth chattering. Many books said larger habitat would help since both would have more space. So I got a much larger cage with an observation deck. It worked for a little bit, but soon it all started again. So they are now in seperate cages next to each other. I tried socializing them both outside the cage and it started out well but then they both started chattering their teeth. Any ideas on how to change the behavior? Or does my small bedroom have to have 2 large cages one for each pig. (I live in an apartment w/a roomate that is allergic to guinea pigs hence the reason of 2 big cages in a small room.)


There is nothing you can do, and it would be unkind to subject Snooki to this torment any further. Your new pig is physically abusive -- and, I would say, violently so -- pulling out Snooki's hair and biting.

Male guinea pigs that are this aggressive sometimes settle down a bit after they've been neutered...but I'm not sure yours will settle down enough to be a kinder roommate. If this behavior occurred between a pair of males at the rescue, Cindy would separate them immediately and not reattempt the match.

The more you subject Snooki to this behavior, the more timid, withdrawn, and depressed he will become. Just as a human's spirit would be broken if someone was constantly dominanting him/her, bullying him/her, physically harming him/her -- so too will a guinea pig's spirit be broken.

You will need to keep them in side-by-side cages, and they'll derive sufficient companionship from each other by socializing through the bars. You'll need to keep them separated during playtime as well. The abusive, bullying pattern has been established, and your new pig will fall into that pattern quickly each time he's reintroduced to Snooki.



Hi i have two male Guinea pigs, Snooki is the less dominant one of the two and was the first Guinea pig i got - Now we have another one named The Situation and he is a very active little fella, He is very nice when i am in the room towards snooki..but as soon as i am gone, he tried to mount Snooki and push him around the cage..He has bitten Snooki and even pulled hair out..He circles him and starts to make a noise with his teeth..

I have separated them but eventually would like them to live together...everyday i bring them on a mat and try and get them to get to know each other..Its been two weeks and still "The Situation" continues to bully Snooki..

Will this ever change and what can i do??


Glad we could help. Good luck finding a friend for your little guy.

Thanks for stopping by!


good cuz i have a cute boy gizmo and he needs a freind!!!! thanx alot


I have a 2 year old male guinea pig named Murray, he's very calm with humans(he doesn't bite, hes calm and is trained). I've just got another guinea pig we named him Pablo he is another male guinea pig he likes to snuggle with Murray.

They seem not to be getting along at all...
Murray is a short haired guinea pig, and Pablo is a fluffy haired guinea pig..
I was wondering if they will eventually get along or is it something to do with there race of boar/ there personalities?


i got my 2 male baby guinea pigs oreo and fudge today at a pet shop and fudge mounts oreo but they don't fight. oreo is the calm 1 and fudge don't seem like he likes to be held

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