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March 07, 2007



Hi Brittney:

You can find our answer at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2010/12/should-these-guinea-pigs-remain-together.html. Good luck!


Hi, I recently bought two piggies from the same pet store. They were together at the store, and seemed fine. However, when we brought them home, they started chattering and chasing. They haven't chased in a few days, and I still experience mild chatter every now and then, though it doesn't seem hostile any more. The pet store said the smaller one (we named him Dexter) was a baby daddy and that the bigger (Murdoc) wasn't. They had them in the same cage, then after buying them gave me the parting words of "They're going to kill each other" With a big friggin' smile! It makes me want to cry. Poor dexter wont leave his hut if Murdoc is out and if he is trying to eat and murdoc even stick his head out, dexter runs back into the hut. Is he afraid of him? It has only been a few days. No blood was ever drawn and they don't fight, and when there is chasing being done, it is usually murdoc chasing dexter. Will they never get along? I want them to, and don't want to have to separate them since they're at my bfs and he doesn't want another cage in his room. Is there anything I can do to help? They each have their own food bowls and huts, however, they never use one bowl and don't seem to like sharing the other one. Murdoc isn't mean to Dexter anymore and actually follows him, it is different than the chasing. But dexter makes an odd sound any time murdoc gets even kind of close to him. Is there anything I can do to help them get along? I want my piggies to be friends :'[ I love my piggies, but I don't want Dexter to be depressed or anything.

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