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July 27, 2007



Roxy's and Twilight's situation is not uncommon. Unfortunate, but not uncommon.

I've posted an answer to your question at http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2011/02/guinea-pig-hair-chewing.html.

Thanks for reading!

Mom of Roxy and Twilight

Hello, I have a question.

We purchased two young female guinea pigs in September. One is long haired, the other short.

The short haired one is constantly "biting" at the long haired one, pulling out tufts of hair and eating it.

Obviously, the long haired piggie isn't fond of this, and does screech, but it does not stop the short haired piggy from doing it.

Is this a dominance thing? Should I separate them? When they are separated, they both whistle their discontent for being on their own...is it a dietary issue? Is something missing from their diet that makes one crave the other's hair??!?!

Is there any way to make her stop pulling/eating the other's hair?

I appreciate any feedback!


Unfortunately, the good products always get discontinued at some point. Hopefully another manufacturer will buy the product rights, or come up with something similar.


Unfortunately, it seems this product has been discontinued.

Cara Fletcher

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