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May 15, 2008



I adopted this big lovable pig last year and just wanted to say that he popcorns with abandon every time I place him in his new cleaned C&C cage! It is really wonderful to see.


I'm having socialization problems with Noah, too, who we acquired from my son's school.

He can be very insecure, and has some seriously bad days where he just wants to snuggle in my neck and hair. It's only in the last day or so that he will move around on the floor at all.

We have been approved by a local guinea pig rescue to adopt, and I am hoping having a friend will help him settle down and adjust.


Sparky is doing well now, and comfortably runs around my dining room when I let him out to play. He generally prefers, though, to run around the outside perimeter of my pigs' play area, socializing with everyone.

He still gets nervous in new surroundings, unless I'm right beside him on the floor. We just take it slow, and walk through all the steps we've been through before. :-)

We're hoping to find a home for him soon, with a family who needs a roommate for their male piggie (Sparky is not neutered).

Kimberlee (aka Hollywood)

How is he fairing now??


AJ -- Thanks for reading!

Guinea pigs are too often written off as being "simple creatures" when, in fact, most owners will tell you that they have complex psychologies that can be profoundly affected by environment, change, or trauma.

You will be blown away by the change that you see in your piggies when you move them into a C&C cage!


Thanks for the great reminder about importance of letting our piggies run and play and have enough room to do so. I never thought when seeing the same reaction in humane society rescued guinea pigs that this might be the cause or reason it took some a very long time to venture out and about even after several weeks in a large area to do so. Its a great reminder that my cage needs replacing and a c&c is definitely the next cage they will have!

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