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June 06, 2008



Without a doubt they speak to us. I am currently trying very hard to learn animal communication, there's no shortage of books around or sites that give starting pointers. Now I could use more time to read them all! But I have absolutely no doubt they speak to us, if more humans would only stop and listen. We could learn a lot from animals of all types.


So true! We have four guinea pigs - two female / neutered male pairs (in two separate C&C cages). One of the pigs - Spritzer, our first-ever pig - is a real gentleman. Whenever I feed them, the other pigs dash for the food. But Spritzer always stops whatever he is doing, comes over to the edge of the cage, and looks up at me for a few moments before going to claim his share. I am convinced he is saying thank you. At any rate, it is a clear acknowledgment of my role in making sure he and his herd are healthy and happy.

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