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March 11, 2009



The pet fencing is more expensive than the Neat cubes, and it takes more fencing to create a decent-sized play area. The manufacturers sell extender panels for fences, but sometimes it may be cheaper to buy two fences than one fence and a couple of packages of extender panels.

The fencing, however, is faster to set up and take down than Neat Cubes. If you have the space, you can just pick up the Neat Cubes fence and slide it out of the way. (But a 5 x 5 Neat Cubes play fence is a big thing to slide and hide.)

Ultimately, I think it's up to your personal preference, how much space you have, and how often you think you're going to set up and take down the play area (or if you're going to set it up somewhere for an extended period).


Do you have a personal preference -- Neat cubes or pet fencing?


Aimee --

Just put the new installment up about an hour ago. The toys are the fun part, for both guinea pigs and their owners.

Thanks for dropping by!


Looking forward to the next installment. I'm guilty of getting the GP's out once a MONTH for an hour, if they're lucky.

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