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March 20, 2009



Hi Tanisha:

Thanks for visiting us, and thanks for sharing your experience.

I'm guessing here, since I don't know just how sheltered the porch is at your house, but it's possible that your guinea pig feels a bit safer in the garage, and the climate/temperature in there suits him. With an increased sense of safety and comfort, his activity level would increase.

Hope to see you here again.


we were taking care of our neighbor's rabbit who was being housed in our garage when i decided to get a guinea pig. since there was no more room for the guinea pig in our garage we kept it in a sheltered porch. now it's living in the garage and seems more active.


Another possible cause of a sneezing guinea pig: cedar bedding, which is absolutely unacceptable for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs' sense of smell is about 100 times stronger than ours. Imagine if you were surrounded with cedar shavings and they smelled 100 times stronger than they do. It would be overwhelming.

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