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June 24, 2009



Our boars _love_ parsley and home-grown bitter purple lettuce. Squeal in delight and stand up on their hind feet if it's out of reach... Practically jump up and down in anticipation :D

No fans of strawberries (one of them had actually tried a microscopic piece, the other left it at a sniff) or oranges (although they happily drink freshly squeezed orange juice from a spoon).

As for the other stuff, I haven't dared to give them bananas, there aren't any grapes or blueberries around (except frozen) and don't know what the other plants even are =)


Hey Monica --
Love the name of your blog "Wheeks of Our Lives"...ha!

Hmmm, they'll eat anything? Cindy J., another of our blog readers, reminded me in an e-mail of another fruit that my pigs want no part of and that the rescue pigs aren't responsive to either.


Will your crew eat them?


Mine do that same thing in the morning. I call it "The Starving Prisoner Routine". They stand up on their hind legs, stretch up against the cage grids, and sidle back and forth along the front of the cage...squeaking up a store. Their plump bellies make it very evident that they are NOT starving -- but always ready for a little somethin'-somethin' to snack on.

Try Crenshaw melon sometime, for both you and the guinea pigs. Better than cantaloupe!


Hi Angela:

Lots of Twitter traffic today! Thanks for coming over.

Really, nuts for the cilantro? Mine all back away from it with a look that says, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?"

Now, give them some escarole and it's a whole different story...


Hey thanks for popping over from Twitter.

Y'know, I have to agree with Isis and Mona on the basil. It's not something I'd want to munch on raw -- unless it's accompanied by a lot of sliced tomatoes, some mozzarella cheese, and some drizzling of olive oil!

Monica S

My pigs go wild for all those items you listed! Actually, they will pretty much devour anything in front of them :) They've recently gotten tired of squash (especially zucchini, which has been a staple of their diet for the past 2 years).

I recently introduced green onion tips to them; all but one hated it. Ginny near bit off my finger eating it!


My pigs are hit or miss with what you listed above. Usually they go crazy for dandelion leaves but this week those are hit or miss. They do love basil, parsley, swiss chard, beet greens, turnip greens consistently. They also love watermelon and cantalope but I limit it because of the water and sugar content. They are too funny...in the morning you'd think they hadn't eaten in weeks the way they squeak and carry on, waiting for their breakfast. This after eating hay and pellets all night. LOL

Angela (g33kg0dd3ss)

Funny that you mention cilantro...all three girls go nuts for it. :) We were surprised, what with its strong flavor and all, but who are we to stand between three STARVING pigs and their greens? LOL


Every morning, Isis and Mona get one of those orange yogurt drops (for the vitamin C) but Mimi turns her head away in disgust when I offer her one.

On the other hand, Mimi goes crazy for basil (I limit her to 1 leaf offered maybe once a week...I'm not sure how healthy it is for her) but her two 'sisters' won't touch the stuff.

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