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July 14, 2009



Chew sticks are great, if your guinea pig(s) will use them. Beyond an initial fascination with Bark Bites, my pigs have never been into chew sticks. But they are in that category of pigs who like the challenge of "remodelling" a wooden hideout house!

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Guinea Pig Pets

I usually buy some chewing toys from the pet shop or give my piggies some woods to chew on. If their teeth grows to long, it will cause serious problem for them to eat.



Things stump them only briefly. When he thinks he needs to remind you to "Hup two, Snap two", he'll start chewing and rattling again.

They are after all, The Bosses.



My gp, PJ, does this daily. As soon as I get home from work it starts and does not stop until veggies are offered. So I guess I have reinforced the habit. I recently switched his cage to another one with a different bar (grid?) configuration and it seems to have stumped him. Peace... if only for a little while.

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