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July 21, 2009



wow great article very helpful exactly what I was looking for. I will travel soon and a important part is my pet
thanks for this topic


Hi Karen,

We have had several guinea pigs in the rescue that either had no bottom front teeth or just partials. At no point did the rescue's vet suggest removing the top teeth. The teeth trimming (of the front teeth) is very easy. Having surgery to remove the top teeth is not a good idea. One, due to her age, and two, she will have no way to grab food. I would continue with the trimmings. Your vet may possibly show you how to do it yourself. How quickly the teeth grow will determine how often they need to be trimmed.
Hope this helps.

Karen Penrod

I have a pet guinea pig that is about five years old. She does not have any bottom teeth (we suspect it has something to do with how hard she drinks from the water bottle). We have had her top teeth clipped twice. She will not knaw on any wood to keep them trim. The vet wants to surgically remove the top teeth. What would she eat then and I am concerned that putting her under at this age for surgery might stess her out (and loose her anyway). She has been eating, so we are of the opinion of not doing anything at this time except keeping her teeth trimmed. How often should we trim her teeth.
Karen Penrod

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