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August 25, 2009



My guinea pig never used to pee on anyone. Never! Now she's just turned 3 and suddenly every time I take her out of her cage she pees on me. Every time. It's really annoying :(


I had my guinea pig, Xion, in the sleeve of my jumper nibbling my fingers, then I read this article.

She did indeed, need to go.


One of mine also pulls at my left shoulder with his little teeth - just my shirt, not me - when he needs to go. He has also started to jump into the litter box before I pick him up, go, and then let me hold him.

My other three aren't so quite so obvious, but they will all try to climb down on the couch to go in the dark recesses of a throw blanket before they'll go on us.


A few of my pigs chatter at me when they need to go.

Crystal (who I adopted from you) climbs into my arms when she wants to go back. She's turning out to be a very intelligent little pig, not to mention completely adorable.


My pigs yank of my shirt when they want to go to the bathroom. Sometimes they pull a little too hard - I have shirts with holes from waiting too long.

Angela (g33kg0dd3ss)

I've found that our three girls all get fidgety and whiny -- and then a little nippy, if we don't pay attention -- when they've "gotta go." The nipping is really only just a little open-mouthed touching of their teeth to our skin...nothing that actually hurts. They just want us to pay attention.

They definitely prefer to potty in their cages than on us! I can count on one hand the number of times I've been "dampened," and it's almost always been when I didn't pay attention to their signals.

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