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October 09, 2009



Also, I just read in a housekeeping magazine that those synthetic two-sided scouring sponges work equally well.


Isn't it interesting what a different perspective people have. Those of us who have pets don't think about having pet hair on our clothes as a bad thing (except when we're cooking), or as a sign of anything other than our status as pet owners.

But just a few days ago, on a professional listserv I subscribe to, one of the subscribers said that one time when she got turned down for a job that she thought she had a really good shot at after the final round of interviews, the interviewer cited the pet hair on her clothes. Apparently, she had dropped her suit coat in the car and picked up some (unnoticed) dog hair on it. The hiring manager told her that he took it as a sign that she was not detail-oriented.

Go figure. If that's your attitude about pets, I don't think I'd want to work for you anyway.


Sometimes when I am at work I find a guinea pig hair on my sweater and I never want to pick it off! It's like a little sign that one of my gpigs is with me!


Another notification email that got buried this week. Sorry!

I'll have to look into one of the velour things you described. I thought about the waste factor on the fabric sweeper too, but it takes me a while to fill it up. With me not throwing sticky sheets into the trash on a nearly-daily basis, I figure that's still *something* (albeit an imperfect something).


I have one of these and they retail for 4.89 in my area. It is fast and works wonders but even the waste factor for this one makes me feel guilty.

The next best thing I have is the velour-covered paddle that you use to de-lint and remove hair from clothing and that works well for my furniture, too. Those cost next to nothing.

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