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November 18, 2009


David Bennett

One thing I have found, is that all kinds of plastic become brittle if they are left in direct sunlight.

Also, I used to up-end the bottom of our cage and beat it against the ground to dislodge the last of the bedding.

I learned that this can crack the plastic, so I made a scraper from wood and use that to loosen whatever is sticking to the inside of the cage before I tipped out the contents.

Hope this helps.


Hi Anne--
I've also found Clean Cage to be really good at getting rid of the white residue (http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2007/05/easy_cage_clean.html).

You might try looking at Bed, Bath & Beyond (store or online), as I've been told they often have the cubes. Sometimes the big bricks-and-mortar stores sell things online that they don't sell in the stores. eBay and Half.com could also be a place to check.

Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping in!


Even though i have them on like 5 layers of towels/fleece i still get urine stains in my corners.
A dilution of white vinegar usually does the trick to get rid of the white residue.
I've never had the coroplast fall apart on me (now if i can just get my dang 50lb puppy to stop jumping on the cage and bending the cubes, i'll be happy.)

Speaking of C & C cages, i had an adoption customer tell me the other day that they were not able to find cubes at target in store- only online (which are the bigger, not safe version).
Has anyone else heard/know of this? I've been thinking of getting a new package of cubes (puppy destruction) and will be way bummed if they're not available any more

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