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February 10, 2010



I find with boars, sometimes a very young male makes the easiest companion, since they older male won't usually find the baby as much of a territorial threat.
Plus, popcorning is contagious

Chana Meddin

I have a small rescue and agree with everything here and want to add support to one suggestion:

My guinea pigs (and the most recent one is over 5 years old) adore one another and can play together on the floor, but they cannot live together due to male dominance issues. What I have is three cages (super extra large with lots of enrichment, toys, cuddle cups, cardboard boxes to hide in and chew on) and the three cages all come together in the corner of each, which is their "meeting place."

They get together and talk and talk and talk and enjoy socializing tremendously without danger of harm from fighting in closed quarters. If even one comes out for cuddle time with me, the youngest piggie gets anxious and wheeks and cries, so they definitely have a strong herd bond without the danger of fighting.

Guinea pigs do get lonely. But they can get along in separate cages if you find co-habitation does not work out.


I second the comment about pet store guinea pigs. Last week I checked out the pigs at a store at a mall. A young boar was scratching himself almost continuously. My bet is mites. Poor guy. I spoke to the store manager but I imagine profit considerations would prevent a trip to the vet.

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