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February 19, 2010



Hi, I left a plastic container in my guinea pigs cage he ate a part of it. Should I be worried because now je won't squeak anymore and everytime her tries he ends up coughing. Please help!!!!

Pearl du Plessis

How about .. my guinea pigs actually ate my cat's eyebrows when he lay with his head against the hutch and he STILL loves them.

Sarah Eaton

My new Guinea Pig has been chewing on my jeans, or anything else that I'm wearing at the time. Sometimes you don't notice - until you get up & have a trail of cotton undone!
Love her so much though!!


You make a really excellent point -- "My guinea pigs showed me to not take it for granted that they will consistently leave things alone."

For certain, what's boring one day might not be a week or a month later. Especially if a guinea pig is bored enough.

Thanks for stopping by!


Even if your guinea pigs have been around something every day for years, you should still evaluate ASAP whether it might be harmful and whether it's worth risking it any longer. At the least, check them for signs of chewing/ingestion.

I have no idea why, but sometimes animals will ignore something (whether something dangerous or an edible willow toy) for several days, many months, or even longer, and then decide to eat it one day. My guinea pigs showed me to not take it for granted that they will consistently leave things alone :P

If anyone has free-range or similarly uncaged pigs (or other animals) and has found a foolproof method of protecting electric cords, though, I'd love to learn the secret. I know the usual duct taping along the walls, running under carpets/mats (dangerous for some cords/wires), tying above the ground, etc but it seems to me that a dog, cat, rabbit, or cavy just might be able to fry themselves if they try hard enough.

Brankica | Cool Small Pets

I let my two pups walk around the house but it is sometimes overwhelming. I need to look at them all the time.
As soon as turn my head they make some mess.
I have to take all cords out of sockets and remove them every time they are around the house.
It took them a second to bite through my printer's cord.
I also don't have any plants in the house because they will chew on anything.
Cords, bedding hanging from the bed, books and newspapers, wood floors and a carpet!!!
But I love them anyway :)

Guinea Pig Lover

Guinea pigs will eat anything, from newspaper to the plastic on C&C cages. Got to be really careful when they are out of the cage roaming the house. They are indeed persistent.

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