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March 15, 2010




It's all about personality. It's ALWAYS about personality.

Check out a post I wrote titled "Should These Guinea Pigs Remain Together?" (http://guineapigconnection.typepad.com/pig_notes/2010/12/should-these-guinea-pigs-remain-together.html).

Based on your summary description, my gut is saying this is not a happy arrangement for Gizmo and Jasper. The question is whether separate side-by-side housing is needed for them, or if a temporary arrangement of separate housing will be enough to show Jasper that if he doesn't behave, he'll lose a roommate.

I do think you need to separate them, at least temporarily, to give Gizmo some peace and quiet. If you put them back together and Jasper resumes this behavior quickly, then your question is answered.

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Witch Of Eastwickuk

I've just brought a new male piggie (Gizmo) to partner up with my other male piggie (Jasper,) at first there was complete indifference from Jasper but now he runs Gizmo around and tries to climb on top of him -but not mount him- They are constantly squeaking at each other and Jasper will leave him alone for a while before starting up again. I'm worried that Jasper won't give Gizmo a break (Jasper is 2yrs old and Gizmo is 5mths) does age make a difference and should I consider seperating them -which i can do if needs be.

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