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August 20, 2010



Hi Anne:

I love that motto: "I'll bite you if you disrespect me". Guinea pigs are easygoing critters for the most part, but even they have their limits!

Thanks for stopping in!



I almost exclusively use the one-handed back to my stomach hold. I can hold the rear feet with my pinky while i clip them (though i'll have to pay close attention to my grandma pig (6 in October!) as i was unaware that it can be uncomfortable. She's such an old pro at it, i'm not sure she'd let me know if she didn't like it).

I have one pig who just hates to be clipped- if i'm fast i can maybe get one or both rear feet done. But almost always she's 'done' before i can make a dent on her thick, curvy front nails. Add to this the fact that her motto is "I'll bite you if you disrespect me" and often my sister has to hold her for the remaining feet.


"Some days are less squirmy than others"...so true, so true. You wouldn't think it would be such a challenge trimming 14 small nails -- especially when one clip per nail is all it takes -- but these little guys can be such forceful objectors!

Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!


Great tips! I too have found that straight-edge human toenail clippers are the way to go. I've had pretty good success when putting a towel in my lap then holding the "trimmee" facing away from me while I hold her upright with one hand. The other hand is free to do the actual clipping, and I can usually get all four feet before any serious squirming takes place. Of course, that depends on the day, and we all know some days are less squirmy than others. :)

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