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September 22, 2010


Julie Boyster

Love the portion about grief being the way human psyche transitions...puts that in such a better light than just an awful experience when someone dies...there's so much more to it.

My heart goes out to those struggling with loss.


Indeed it is hard to let go of something very special... I also lost a good dog, my best friend a month ago and it is so painful on my part to replace her. I believe we have a connection and I must say I enjoyed every moment with her. My father bought me a new pet a rabbit and even build a rabbit hutch but honestly my father have no idea how much I forced myself to accept the gift.


Hey Aimee--

Thanks for the condolences, and for stopping by to read. I know how much you've got going on in your life right now!



Thank you for your kind words. Cindy and I both send you hugs. It's hard enough to lose one furbaby in a year, but losing multiple furbabies is even more devastating.

Hang in there. It's really all we *can* do at times like these, isn't it?



So very sorry for all of the losses.


Like you said...there is little I can say except I'm sorry and thank you for sharing the links...I've been through too much of this myself the past year with my furbabies...it's never easy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and know that mental {HUGS} are coming your and Cindy's way.

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