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December 20, 2010



I recently lost one of my guinea pigs (Whiskers)to pneumonia. I am now down to three pigs, and I'm worried about Whiskers' cage mate, Freckles. She rarely comes out of her house, and when I take her out for floor time she walks around for a couple minutes before lying down in a far corner. I tried having her socialize with Shadow (her sister) and Gizmo (her mother). But Gizmo walked up her face and used her as a toilet. Shadow gets close to her and Freckles squeaks and runs away. I'm not sure if Shadow is actually hurting her or if she's just trying to establish dominance. So I'm wondering whether their behaviors towards Freckles would diminish over time, if I should try to find a new cage mate for Freckles and forget about integrating these three, or if you had any other suggestions.


Good news Brittney! Sounds like they are much happier... I like the suggestion about having a larger cage and just putting a see through divider in. Someone asked me if this could be done with a female and un-neutered male - I told them that I suppose it could as long as neither one seemed too stressed from it - any thoughts on that?? Thanks!


Thank you. I just saw your response. Shortly after posting, we went and bought a second cage. I cried constantly because poor dexter would not come out because murdoc wouldn't even let him eat and I didn't want anything to happen to my pig. I love my boys, but that doesn't mean they love each other. They freak out in an unhappy way when we take them out at the same time, and if we take them out one at a time, they love it. They go to each other's cages for a very short "visit". Visit meaning they sniff each other through the bars puff up their neck hair, yawn, and walk away. They are both happy, dexter more than murdoc. Dexter now lounges outside his hidey house! The new cage is smaller length wise, but we have made a second floor to compensate and dexter LOVES climbing. Murdoc like to re- arrange his furniture. >.< Thank you very much for the advice! I've recommended this site to several people! Very helpful.

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