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February 08, 2011



My gunea pigs are one long haired and one short haired and the short haired is toaly ripping out the long haired gunea pigs hair


Hi Kate!

From some of the things I've heard over the years from our counterparts in rabbit rescues, the behavior you're seeing in your rabbit hutch isn't unheard of.

All animals are capable of getting bored, and every species I've ever read about (domestic and wild) seems to have stories of members with "ego complexes," "control issues," and other demonstrations of dominant/Alpha behavior.

As sweet as bunnies are, even a bunny can be bossy and brassy. Cindy's rabbit Ariel, I think, is an example of a bossy bunny. She definitely keeps her (neutered) male roommate in line!

Thanks for stopping by!


Funny but I'm having the same problem having two bunnies in one rabbit hutch! Thought that was normal but having heard your story, I'd surely try your suggestions.

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