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March 15, 2011


Lola and Buffy

I'm glad our humans would never think to use that stuff on us! We'd say about 90% of our behavioral problems can be solved with food. Especially carrots. We love carrots!



Precisely. I'm so glad you get it, too. Some people don't. If you can believe it -- despite my clear warning NOT TO USE this stuff with guinea pigs -- someone tried to post a comment here that said, "I am going to try this stuff with my piggy to see if it works. No harm in trying."

Sigh. If people ever wonder why rescue folks and vets often look discouraged and worn down, it's because of all the stupid things they've seen humans do, or try to do, with animals.


"Problems ... need to be dealt with at the root level, not the symptom level." I couldn't agree more. Scaring an animal (or, for that matter, a child) is never the best way to "fix" a problem.

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