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April 22, 2011



Hi Anne:
If I lived in my house (and not an apartment), I'd give composting a try for sure. I like the idea of using the compost in a veggie garden, for the reason you stated.

I've tried the switch to fleece, but the added laundry didn't fit into my schedule. When I started calculating the electricity and water use for the extra loads of laundry, I wasn't sure I was doing Mother Earth (or my budget) any good. My compromise for now is earth-friendly laundry products. When my schedule changes, I'll try the switch again.

Thanks for stopping in!


we finally got our compost bin for this summer- i'm excited to compost a large amount of spoiled hay and poops (which will go great in the veggie garden- which then goes into piggie tummies- it's like a self-sustaining environment!)

You kind of alluded to this, but getting off of carefresh or bedding completely is a green move- my pigs live on towels and fleece- saves me money and trash expense (of course- laundry costs are increased). it was the best decision i ever made (after my C&C cage, of course)

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