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April 06, 2011



It's odd that my pigs have never done that. I had 2 pigs, Penelope and Matilda, for 3 years and although they did chatter their teeth, they never fought. Matilda died a few years ago, and Penelope's new companion is just as friendly. Penny is clearly teaching her, though, what to eat and what not to eat, since the new pig is 3 years younger than her.


Hi, my name is Katie and I just found this blog after doing some relentless searching for an issue my two guinea pigs are starting to have. After reading through many of your articles and noticing things that I probably should have done ages ago, I figured I was informed enough with what's here to ask my question.

My two guinea pigs (Gus and Caesar) have been living together for about two years now. I saw and read a few posts about bullying and realize, now, that Gus (older by about 6 months) has taken dominance to a bullying level ages ago. It's not constant, but fairly often they'll both bristle up and do some very annoying (and continuous) whine-like squeaks at each other, occasionally accompanied by teeth chattering. Caesar use to get tired of it fairly quickly and go hide, but today he actually bit Gus and had to be physically ripped off before letting go. I've put up a partition in the cage (it's large) but I'm worried that since I didn't catch the bullying problem early enough and Caesar is now fighting back that they'll never be able to live together again. This is the first case I've had with physical fighting. Do you have any advice?


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