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July 21, 2011


donna wilson

my name is donna and my guinea pig ollie needs surgery to remove two incisor teeth, lance a abscess and flush his tear ducks and possibly x-ray to chect for molar damge basically im a student and cannot afford the surgery which could vary from £200 to £450 can you help me please thank you

from scotland in great britain

Merry Rosenfield

I understand the difficulties rescue groups and individual owners are having now. Seems even the pocket pets are suffering.Does your group ever do auctions or hold raffles to earn money to help? Let me know- I might be able to donate a piece of guinea pig jewelry to help.


As a shelter worker, a LARGE quantity of phone calls are people looking for help with this. We have a list of places (a lot of which you covered) to check with for them, but it's a pretty challenging situation to be in.

In my experience vets are MORE likely to work out a payment plan with you if you have a long-term relationship with them (and have been a pleasant client and always paid bills promptly). A financial emergency is not a good time to try and develop a relationship with a vet.

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