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July 19, 2011



I can relate to those who have guinea pigs or other pets and are unable to keep them in their apartment etc. I however, went against the rules and snuck my little critter into my apartment anyways. I really didn't have any other choice considering the location I moved to. I have him a nice little hutch setup in an open closet. Been living here for 2 years and have yet to get in trouble. Although me and the landlord have a pretty cool relationship, if he found out he may not even care lol..

Anyways, nice blog with some great information. This could be very helpful to those who are being denied about keeping their pets in their homes/apartments.

If you or someone you know are looking to purchase a hutch for your guinea pig, please check out my website @ www.rabbit-hutches-for-sale.org

I've provided some good information on what to look for when purchasing a hutch, along with links to sites with the nicest/affordable hutches.

Take Care!

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