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March 11, 2013



Thank you for rescuing him!!


I have been taking my 2 rescue guinea pigs for shots at the vet for mites, one little guy has foot cancer (possibly bumble foot, but the vet does not think so as he is on a soft surface)...the one with cancer is on baytril iv's I give him 2 times a day and soak his foot. The problem is that since the vet has started these shots which are every 2 weeks at a cost of $50, it appears they scratch, bite and itch much more then before...is there any other medication that can be used such as a powder to kill the mites? Also the vet has warned that I could potentially catch these which makes my wanting to take them out and hold them not too appealing...I do but usually wrap them in a freshly cleaned towel when holding them. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Aimee & Eleanor:

Thanks for the feedback!

I really need to get a photo of Rolo when Cindy is holding him. The way he looks out at the world from her arms just conveys, "I think I'm all that and a bag of chips. Don't you agree?"

Eleanor Migliore

Such a beautifully told account of this rags (mite infested) to riches (lush and lovely) guinea pig. What a wonderful rescue and such a beautiful pig. Thank you, CT Guinea Pig Rescue, for saving him and for so compassionately relaying his story in this blog.


Yay for Rolo!, The difference is miraculous! Now a cute, fluffy fatty! lol

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